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     Duties and competences of Chief Legal Advisory and Directorate General of Trials ("BAHUM") were regulated by the Presidential Decree dated 10 July 2018, numbered 1 on the Presidency Organization and the Statutory Decree numbered 659, dated 2 November 2011 on the Execution of Legal Services at the Public Administrations within the Scope of General Budget and the Special Budget Administrations.

     According to the Article 249 of the Presidential Decree numbered 1 and Article 4 of the Decree Law numbered 659, duties of BAHUM have been carried out by Chief Legal Advisor, Legal Advisors, Directors of Legal Affairs, Advisor Treasury Lawyers and Treasury Lawyers.

     Article 220 of the Presidential Decree numbered 1 declares that duties of BAHUM are:
     - To carry out the services of legal advisory and juridical affairs of Ministry of Treasury and Finance and upon request of public administrations within the scope of general budget and special budget administrations,
     - To state opinions on draft versions of laws, by-laws and regulations upon request,
     - To give an opinion on the amicable settlement of disputes,
     - To pursue all kinds of lawsuit and carry out execution process related to the immovables of the Treasury and the immovables under jurisdiction and possession of the State
     - To fill and pursue all kinds of lawsuit of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, to pursue all kinds lawsuit initiated against the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and to start executive proceeding by providing the necessary coordination
     - To initiate and pursue lawsuit and collecting receivables which is considered as a Treasury receivables according to the special law provisions
     - To initiate and pursue lawsuits and collect receivables related to the receivables which do not include another prosecution authority and procedure in their legislation and institutions which cannot be a party.
     - To participate the preparation of the defences related to applications to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of the State, to evaluate the proposals of amicable settlement, to issue an amicable settlement opinions, to send representatives to the sessions if needed by Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
     - To represent Ministry of Treasury and Finance by ensuring necessary coordination in lawsuits which are initiated before foreign courts, international judicial bodies and international arbitration bodies,
     - To perform duties entrusted by the Minister.

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